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Subject of Global warming is being discussed world-over, and has underlined importance to care for our Mother Earth and environment. The topics of Green Earth, eco-friendly products, environment-friendly activities, Green-House Gases, world climate change etc. are well known and has made everyone of us conscious about the same. It is already known that use of petroleum products such as gas, petrol, diesel, oils etc. causes substantial damage to the environment.

Use of bio-degradable products is one of the top subjects for ‘Green Earth’, and Mint Biofuels is attempting to contribute significantly by offering bio-lubricants, bio based greases and biodiesel as alternatives to conventionally used petroleum based products.

With extensive R&D efforts and activities since 2005, Mint has been successful to offer eco-friendly fuels, lubricants and greases. These products not only are alternatives to petroleum based products, but offer excellent advantages for various critical applications in industry.

All products have been tested in reputed national and international test laboratories; field tested by many customers, and are being used for various applications.

Our USPs
  • Bio-degradable (disposal is not a problem)
  • Substantial energy savings – (5% to 15%)
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Green – eco-friendly
  • Superior Viscosity Index
  • Non-toxic
  • Longer life (increased duration of re-filling/topping/replacement)
  • Improved machine efficiency and life
  • Good performance at high temperatures
  • High flash point – safe for storage & handling