'Dirghayu' - Bio lube Technology & Products

'Dirghayu' - Green Bio based Lubricating Oils & Greases with Unbelievable Properties.

Lubricants are used to reduce the friction while transferring motion from drive to driven mechanical links. The power is also transferred through lubricants, whether oil or Grease Universally lubricants are manufactured from mineral (petro)or from synthetic esters as base oil. Mineral oil based lubricants are not having any lubricating properties. They are provided by additives. These lubricants are inexpensive & hence extensively used in Industry & transport sector. However, they are not bio degradable & toxic causing hazardous effects on environment & life.

Petro based lubricants do not meet many special requirements depending on applications, such as working at higher temp. or pressure. Synthetic lubricants were developed to meet specific & critical duties. They are expensive & cater to special requirements in industries & transport sector. Many synthetic lubricants are non degradable & toxic, unless they are specially formulated.

Both Petro / Synthetic lubricants are hazardous to environment & life , whether in use or on disposal. Hence, spent lubricants need ETP before disposal.

Almost 3 decades ago , it was noted in 'Lake of Constance' in Geneva , Switzerland, that the water column in the lake, is getting reduced every year. Further investigations revealed that the layer of lubricants & engine oil discharged by motor boats had accumulated in sediments at bottom of the lake. Being non degradable, it formed thick & rigid layer at the bottom. This has alarmed the World towards many disastrous effects of petro based & synthetic lubricants on environment & mankind. Bio based lubricants were developed to counter these hazards.

The Developed world had made it mandatory to use only Environment friendly lubricants for applications near water, soil , food & Pharma processing units etc. ETP has been made mandatory for spent petro / synthetic lubricants.

Besides being Environment friendly, the developed world also noted that, Bio lubricants have exclusive properties like Very High Lubricity, Polar Nature, High Viscosity index, which also prove them to be the best lubricants saving energy wasted in friction to the extent of 15% , reduction in rise in working temp. to the extent of 40%, increasing the life of the equipment substantially. Their High flash point & Low evaporation rate makes them most suitable for High temp. applications for safety & lower consumption.

We have Pioneered bio lubricants in India & branded them as 'Dirghayu' i.e. long life both for Man & Machines

Dirghayu Bio Lubricants i.e. lubricating oils, greases, cleaners & cutting cooling oils etc. are Manufactured from veg oils, both edible & non edible , by chemically modifying them & blended with additives to produce optimum performance to suit the applications. They do not use Petro / Synthetic base oils or additives which are non biodegradable & toxic. Thus they are very safe.

Dirghayu Bio Lubricants have rationally priced to ensure that, after considering direct energy savings, their total cost gets paid off in just 3 months & then, they become Profit centers.

Dirghayu Bio lubricants can provide most attractive solution to major issue of concern for India & World i.e. Environment & Energy.



EPA to require Green Lubes for Vessels & Marine Terminals -

Starting in December 2013, vessel owners and operators who ply their trade in U.S. waters will have to adopt environmentally acceptable lubricants for their equipment, under proposed rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As authorized by the Clean Water Act, the agency's Draft 2013 Vessel General Permit & small vessel General Permit (sVGP) aim to further reduce the environmental impact of ships, tugs, barges and other commercial vessels on American rivers, lakes and coasts. (USA).